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Absolved - 2010

Performed at Alumni Festival, Montevideo, Uruguay

Purple Wash

Purple Wash - 2010

Performed at Alumni Festival, Concepcion, Chile

IPAH Summer Camp / Festival

IPAH Summer Camp / Festival - 2010

IPAH Summer Camp & Emerging Artist Festival, Germany, July 2010

Licks Fourth

Licks Fourth - 2010

Performed at
LIVE/ART/EVENT, Norwich, in connection with the collective OTHER/OTHER/OTHER

Weight in Gold

Weight in Gold - 2010

Installation and Live Performance

Performed at the Norwich University College of the Arts degree show

The unconscious
and live art

Nov 2009 - May 2010

A series of projects exploring connections between psychoanalysis, the unconscious and live art.

12. Uncharted Voyage

12. Uncharted Voyage - 2010

The audience are taken out of their comfort zone as they are guided through a series of actions in a blacked out minibus

11. Paint Me Red
(Alchemy - Rubedo)

11. Paint Me Red - 2010

One of a four part series which examines the process of alchemy as a spiritual discipline.

10. Magnum Opus

10. Magnum Opus - 2010

3 Performances - 3 days - 3 hours: exploring past, present and future

9. The Depths you’ll go to

9. The Depths you’ll go to - 2010

A site specific and personal performance explores memories and triggers from the past.

8. Chalk the Streets

8. Chalk the Streets - 2010

Chalking the outline of hidden tunnels as an analogy for the unconscious mind

7. Paint Me Black
(Alchemy - Nigredo)

7. Paint Me Black - 2010

Individuation, existential embodiment and the relationship between the audience and performer.

6. Liminality

6. Liminality - 2010

The threshold between conscious and unconscious and the relationship between ‘self’ and other.

5. Live and Travelling

5. Live and Travelling - 2010

Live and site specific, the work is always travelling... I explore the transient nature of Live Art in three improvised performances.


4. Oscillate across the threshold

4. Oscillate across the threshold - 2009

Submerging into stillness the interior is explored

3. The window to ‘the other scene’

3. The window to ‘the other scene’ - 2009

A durational performance; exploring the boundaries between abstract and physical spaces.

2. ‘The dizziness of freedom’

2. ‘The dizziness of freedom’ - 2009

A Durational Performance Exploring Anxiety and the Unconscious. Employing live art as a vehicle for the unconscious, delving into notions of stillness and repetition. The journey is slowed extending the action between A and B and a suspended exploration of the space between develops.

1. Mind Map

1. Mind Map - 2009

To trace the mind and track the performance.

10 Stroke

10 Stroke - 2009

Live Performance

STEW 10x10 Exhibition, Norwich

“I must swim, no water no lanes but I will swim”

Come Swim

Come Swim - 2009

Live Performance

Together Beaster explore time, duration and training through a collaborative process

5.30 (Beaster Meets)

5.30 (Beaster Meets) - 2009

Live Performance

“In training to make art; testing the body and mind through durational performance and collaborative process”

Streaming Performance

Streaming Performance - 2009

Live Performance

The analogies between swimming and time are explored in preperation for the Beaster meeting.

Must Swim Again

Must Swim Again - 2009

Live Happening

Work connected with Beaster productions - a collaborative force.

Must Swim

Must Swim - 2009

Live Happening

Work connected with Beaster productions - a collaborative force.

Finding is Losing

Finding is Losing - 2009

Live performance

Language and complexities of cross-cultural integration.

Non-static dialogue

Non-static dialogue - 2009

Performance film

Examining the dynamics of conversation and communication between different cultures.


Un-spoken - 2009

Live performance / installation

A reflection on experiences of the language barrier.


Nidiculous Mite
(Entrapment Series)

Nidiculous Mite - 2008

Interactive sculpture and live happening

Bungee Room
(Entrapment Series)

Bungee Room - 2008

Live happening

(Entrapment Series)

Cocooned - 2008

Live performance

Performed by Hester Draycott and Bryony Devitt.

61 Linea code

61 Linea code - 2008

Live performance

At the Stock Pile Exhibition held in the Bally Shoe Factory, Norwich

Foxy tales

Foxy tales - 2008

Site specific live art happening

Exploring the urban with a fox’s mask

Sewing the seeds with Land Army

Sewing the seeds with Land Army - 2008

Live performance / installation / projection and sculpture

Inspired by the Beaster Productions experience.

Beaster productions

Beaster productions - 2008

Series of happenings, film and photos

A collaboration with Bean.

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